Church, Is The Congregation That Important?


Part 2                Responsibilities of the Congregation          July 25, 2009

Old joke: congregation just pays and prays.


Acts 6:1-6          Apostles trusted church to pick out deacons. They knew their character better than apostles, etc.

Acts 8:4             God used persecution to scatter church and thus widen the preaching of the gospel

Acts 9:30           Brethren help Paul with transportation (and finances?)

Acts 11:19-21    Brethren preached the gospel, some solely to Jews, but some to Greeks

Acts 11:22         The church sent Barnabas to Antioch to work with those being converted

Acts 11:29-30    Disciples decided to send aid to church in Judea (Spurred on by Paul’s encouragement? 2 Cor)

Acts 14:26-27    Upon return to Antioch, Paul gathered the church and reported everything that had happened

Acts 15:3           The church sent Paul and Barnabas on their way to Jerusalem.  Sounds like financial support.

Acts 15:22         It pleased the apostles and the whole church to Judas and Silas along with Paul and Barnabas

Acts 16:1-2        Paul chose Timothy, who was well spoken of by the brethren

Acts 17:10         Brethren sent Paul and Silas away by night for their own protection

Acts 17:14-15    Brethren sent Paul away, conducted Paul, brethren actually went with, escorted Paul

Acts 18:27         Church wrote to other churches, exhorting them to receive Apollos

Acts 19:30         Paul wanted to enter assembly and talk to people, brethren would not allow him

                          How many ministers would allow this?  To be fair, when Paul was determined to go to Jerusalem even though he knew trouble lay ahead, he did not allow brethren to stop him.

Acts 20:36-38    Paul prayed with congregation before he left.  They wept and kissed him goodbye

Acts 28:14-15    Brethren came to meet Paul.  Paul was encouraged by this and thanked God

                          Congregation should not only support each other but the ministry

1 Cor 5:5, 13     Paul told church what they should do, but up to church to carry out corrective action

                          Church group would have included local ministers, yes, but they were addressed as just part of the whole greater church congregation.

2 Thes 3:6, 13-15  Brethren should notice which members not obeying God and to withdraw from them, not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.  Should be done without being told by minister.

2 Cor 2:5-11      Paul urged brethren to forgive and love sinner of 1 Cor 5.  What they forgave, he forgave.

1 Cor 6:1-8        Congregation should help settle legal matters between brethren

Matt 18:15-17    Brethren should learn to solve “physical” differences.  This is not about solving doctrinal differences.

Gal 6:1-2            Brethren should help restore one who is sinning.  This allows practice of the law of God

Col 3:10-17       Called in one body, admonish one another in psalms

Rom 12:5-16      Many individuals, are one body in Christ, individually members of one another

                          We should love one another, given to hospitality, distributing to the needs of the saints

1 Cor 16:3         Whomever brethren chose, Paul would use them to take gift to Jerusalem


Matt 10:40-41    If accept those who Jesus sends (ministers), accept Christ.  Congregation has responsibility to determine whom Jesus has sent and who are ministers of “darkness” (2 Cor 4:4)

John 13:20         Ditto

1 Cor 11:1-2      Congregation to follow their leaders as those leaders follow Jesus

1 Cor 16:10-11, 15-16 Congregation shouldn’t make minister’s fearful.  To “submit” to ministers.

2 Cor 8:23-24    Congregation should show minister their love

Phil 2:29-30       Receive ministers with gladness, hold in esteem because of work they do for Jesus

                          Follow ministers as they follow Jesus, but we’re not to put our trust in ministers

1 Cor 9:4-14      Members of congregation should give of their income to support ministers

3 John 1:5-8       Brethren should help “strangers” – traveling minister

1Thes 5:11-23    Brethren to comfort each other and edify one another.  Esteem ministers, prove all things